Radius Books, 2016

ONE, published by Radius Books, pairs images by eight photographers with words by eight writers, all around the broad theme of ‘the minimal’.

  • Hardcover / 12.5 x 10.5 inches
    64 pages

    Print run of 150 copies
    Each copy includes 10 original signed photographic prints
    hand-tipped into the book.

Photographs by Marco Breuer, Thomas Joshua Cooper, John Gossage, Trevor Paglen, Alison Rossiter, Victoria Sambunaris, Rebecca Norris Webb, and James Welling.

Text by David Campany, Teju Cole, Christie Davis, John D’Agata, Michael Fried, Darius Himes, Leah Ollman, and Laura Steward.


Trade paperback edition, September 2017

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