Anonymes: Unnamed America in Photography and Film

Le Bal, Paris, 2010


The inaugural show at Le Bal, co-curated with its Director, Diane Dufour. Through photographs, books, magazines, film and video Anonymes considers America’s long history of depicting and celebrating the anonymous citizen, against its cult of celebrity, fame and individuality.

Anonymes featured the work of  Walker Evans, Jeff Wall, Chauncey Hare, Standish Lawder, Lewis Baltz, Anthony Hernandez, Sharon Lockhart, Bruce Gilden, Arianna Arcara & Luc Santese, and Doug Rickard.

An illustrated catalogue in English and French is available.


IMG_8640    Walker-Evans-vitrine,-ANONYMES,-Le-Bal,-Paris

IMG_8729    IMG_8627

IMG_8782    IMG_8718


Pages from the book:

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