GASOLINE: the t-shirt

DoBeDo Productions, 2018

Tshirt #021 of the exclusive ‘DoBeDo Photographer Series’ is ‘Gasoline’ by David Campany.

The images for this T-shirt are taken from Campany’s book Gasoline; a collection of press photos of American gas stations published by MACK.

“A news photo of a woman waiting in line to fill her car with gasoline. It was the 1970s, the decade of global oil price instability. Today there are other instabilities. Will the oil run dry before the planet collapses? I bought the photo on eBay for $15. Now it’s a T-shirt.”

The T-shirt has a black and white print on the front, with the writing from the back of the original photograph printed on the back of the T-shirt. It also comes with a poster of a different image from the series.

This Tshirt can also be purchased here (at a discount) as part of the DoBeDo Photographers Series Tshirt Subscription

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