Once was Enough: on David Lynch’s ‘Twin Peaks’

A Place Both Wonderful and Strange, Fuego Books, 2017

A Place Both Wonderful and Strange is a photographic anthology published by FUEGO BOOKS that brings together the work of 12 international photographers in a narration inspired by Twin Peaks and the work of David Lynch.

David Campany contributes a short remembrance of a first encounter with the original pilot episode of the series.

With the work of Anna Beeke, Carl Bigmore, Melissa Catanese, Cristina de Middel, Salvi Danés, Enrico Di Nardo + Valentina Natarelli, Antone Dolezal, Philippe Fragniere, Jason Fulford, Rory Hamovit, Sara Palmieri and Sarah Walker.


208 pages


Designed by Rubio&Del Amo

Prepress by Control-P

Printed by A.G Palermo

137 photographs

Texts in Spanish and English